Serving Spokane, Eastern & Central Washington, and Northern Idaho

Welcome to Northwest Renewables

I’m very proud to be launching Northwest Renewables after years of education, planning and networking with team members and suppliers. We hope this blog will become place to share what we are learning and creating in our work, and to discuss a few of the cutting-edge projects we’re working on.

Northwest Renewables’ focus on Solar + Storage + Climate Control is about helping the Inland Northwest to become resilient in increasingly uncertain times.  Our team understands the importance of built-in redundancy, and intends to raise the standards of workmanship in this new and exciting field. With our NABCEP Certification and Master Electricians, we consistently deliver the highest quality Work in which you can have the utmost confidence.

Presently the marketplace for electricity is undergoing a massive disruption to the asset-based one-way directional flow business model of yesterday.  Thanks to Moore’s Law, or Swanson’s Law, as it is observed in the Photovoltatic Industry, the price of silicone PV cells has fallen by over 800% since the late 1970s.  A marketplace of distributed energy resources is emerging, and yet another demonstration of Moore’s Law is occurring in the marketplace for Lithium-Ion battery packs.

Our future Electricity grid will be flexible, dynamic and resilient; and largely run on renewable resources. Your comfortable and efficient 21st Century home or commercial building will be a prosumer in this grid of the future buying and selling electricity back and forth with your utility.

Into this shifting landscape we launch, intending to innovate and collaborate.  It is likely that there will be numerous technology paths unfolding before us and our teammates in the coming years.  Northwest Renewables intends to continue our investment in our education as the pace accelerates.

We look forward to working with you, Gavin Tenold