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Renewable Energy Services in Pasco, Washington

Everything You Need for Your Residential or Commercial Property in One Place

Are you looking for a way to cut operating costs or lower your monthly energy bills? Do you want to take advantage of government credit and rebate programs? Are you ready to begin your journey down the road to sustainability? Northwest Renewables is here for you! Our Pasco technicians are certified and experienced in energy efficiency and renewable energy services, from ductless HVAC to solar installation and alternative energy solutions to EV chargers. We’re technicians, not salesmen, and we won’t push you toward expensive services you don’t need. Instead, we’ll make sure you receive the products and services necessary to meet your individual energy goals, and we’ll even help you with financing to offset the upfront costs. Renewable energy can bring you many benefits – let Northwest Renewables show you how our installations, accessories, and additional services can help your residential or commercial property thrive.

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A Full Range of Renewable Energy Services

Installing Solar Panels in Pasco and the Surrounding Areas

Solar panels are a great place to start if you want to reduce your energy costs. Our team installs and services high-quality solar panels from reliable manufacturers, all backed by warranties and installed by qualified professionals. The arrays we install allow our customers to generate their own power using clean, renewable solar energy. You’ll be astonished when you see just how much energy your panels can generate – you’ll even have extra at the end of the day that you can sell back to the power grid for energy credits, lowering the costs of any energy that you do need to get from the grid!

EV Charging Stations

Most people who drive electric vehicles have the same motivation: to stop paying for gas. Considering how much traditional fuel can cost, that’s an understandable goal. But research shows that you may be paying as much for a charge as gas if you charge your electric vehicle at a public charging station. Public chargers aren’t free, and the equipment supporting them can be unreliable. To truly save on fuel costs, you need your own charging station, and that’s where Northwest Renewables comes in.

We install and service specialized EV charging stations designed to give your electric vehicle (or vehicles) all the power they need without any extra charges or service fees. We ensure that you have access to reliable equipment that delivers the proper voltage to charge your vehicle quickly and safely. If you use electric vehicles for commercial purposes or want to set up a charging station at your business, we can help you build a customized charging station that meets your unique needs.

Ductless Heating and Air Conditioning

Even the smallest steps towards sustainability can help you save. Ductless mini-split units are a great starting point for anyone interested in renewable energy. These small but powerful units allow you to individually heat and cool isolated areas of your home so that you don’t waste energy on rooms that aren’t in use. They use less energy while operating and cost less to maintain and repair, bringing you even more savings.

Alternative Energy Solutions

Looking for a new backup generator? Ready to completely cut yourself off from the grid? Northwest Renewables is prepared to help. Everything you need to power your home or business is here. We encourage customers to mix and match whatever products they want to get the results they need. Our interest isn’t in padding out your invoice. It’s in encouraging your commitment to efficiency and sustainability and helping you save money in the long run using our renewable energy products.

For clean energy solutions without the pushy sales tactics, come to Northwest Renewables in Pasco – call (509) 732-9255 or send us a message online today!

Here's What You Can Count On With Us

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  • Regionally Located

    Unlike most solar energy companies in our region, Northwest Renewables is locally owned and operated. Our founders and employees live and work in the same neighborhoods as you. This means we’re here to care for your investment and make sure your system stays up and running, even when the unexpected happens. And we’ll still be here down the road to honor our unmatched 25 -year warranty.

  • Forward Thinking
    Energy projects are no longer a novelty. Solar panels, battery systems, electric vehicle chargers, generators and Mitsubishi ductless heating and cooling systems are all practical, dependable, and trusted technologies that will only become more commonplace in the years to come. Northwest Renewables is trained in these technologies and delivering successful projects on time and on budget day in, day out.
  • Energy Leaders

    We’re the leader in energy power design, consultation, and installation for the Inland Northwest. We’ve earned this distinction through our team’s expertise as clean energy professionals and our proven ability to successfully deliver solutions that fit our customers’ needs.

  • Flexible Financing Options

    We offer flexible financing options through our partners, Numerica Credit Union and Puget Sound Cooperative Credit Union. We also offer Northwest Renewables’ in-house financing. Qualified customers can finance their energy project no money down and 0% interest. We’ll guide you through the process and answer all of your questions along the way.

  • Unmatched Protection

    Northwest Renewables team — from our designers to our licensed electricians to our apprentices — have been highly trained by our manufacturers so that we may deliver our unsurpassed warranty of up to 25-years on parts and labor, giving you unmatched protection and confidence in your clean energy investment.

  • Independence
    Northwest Renewables provides customized energy independence you can count on. When we work on your home, business, or community project we’re giving you the freedom of always having reliable energy at your fingertips. You can eliminate the worry of increasing power rates and have the comfort of knowing you’ll have the lights on after the next storm of wildfire.

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