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Commercial Solar Solutions in Spokane, WA 



Just provide your most recent energy bill and we’ll start crunching numbers.

  1. EVALUATION - An experienced solar project manager will inspect your property to ensure your rooftop or property is compatible with solar installation. We also evaluate your energy bills to determine the plan.
  2. A CUSTOM PLAN - Next, we’ll create a custom solar energy system, complete with with a visual rendering and details of how much money you’ll save, as well as the tax incentives available to you.
  3. YOUR SITE VISIT - An experienced solar project manager will do a site visit to confirm the findings in your proposal, inspect the electrical system, and answer any questions you might have. We’ll also help you navigate your best financing options.
  4. INSTALLATION - Throughout the installation process, our trained and certified experts ensure a safe, clean, and efficient job site. Before long, you’ll be enjoying energy independence and saving money, too.

What Are The Benefits of Switching to Commercial Solar Power in Spokane?

The transition to commercial solar power in Spokane carries various advantages. Above all, it empowers businesses to make substantial cuts in their electricity expenses. Solar energy's key feature is its renewability – an everlasting resource that generates clean electricity, thereby curbing the environmental consequences. Furthermore, numerous businesses in Spokane may qualify for government incentives or rebates, augmenting the overall cost-effectiveness of the initial investment. Choosing solar power isn't just a financial decision for businesses; it's a commitment to building a greener and more sustainable future for Spokane.


GREENSTONE HOMES partners with Northwest Renewables to provide solar panels as a standard option on new homes, and allows them to offer custom, net-zero homes – houses that generate enough power through solar panels as to offset the occupants’ energy use. This sets them apart from other homebuilders in the area and positions Greenstone as an innovator and a construction industry leader in the region when it comes to energy independence.


When you team with Northwest Renewables for your commercial property, you’re not just adding an alternative energy source to your building, you’re also investing in your bottom line.

    First off, your rooftop or unused property aren’t making you any money. In fact, they’re costing you money. But when you install solar panels on that square footage, you immediately begin generating energy savings.
    Considering the high commercial rates many industries encounter, solar substantially lower your operating costs, especially in the Inland Northwest, where the sunny climate and long summer days can effectively bring your energy bill down to nothing.
    In addition to saving on utility bills, your company can benefit from state and federal tax credits, which in Washington and Idaho can mean significant savings. Also, you can lease a solar system with no down payment and count your lease payment as an operating expense, further lowering taxes.
    If you’re operating equipment in remote locations, you can use a stand-alone system to provide power in these off-the-grid situations.

What Factors Should Businesses Consider When Determining The Size of a Solar Installation For Their Commercial Property?

Figuring out the right size for a commercial solar installation in Spokane involves considering a few key factors. One crucial aspect is assessing the energy needs of the business. The size of the property, along with its energy consumption patterns, helps determine the capacity of the solar panels required. Additionally, factors like the available roof space or land for solar panel placement play a role. It's essential to work with a solar provider who can conduct an energy audit and tailor the installation size to meet the specific needs of the commercial property in Spokane. This ensures optimal energy production and cost savings.


  • Your energy budget is more stable and predictable.

  • Your commercial property can generate money that offsets business expenses.

  • Your business growth isn’t slowed down by the rising utility costs.

  • Your operations are protected from peak-demand utility rates.

Here's What You Can Count On With Us

Contact us to begin your journey to energy independence today.
  • Regionally Located

    Unlike most solar energy companies in our region, Northwest Renewables is locally owned and operated. Our founders and employees live and work in the same neighborhoods as you. This means we’re here to care for your investment and make sure your system stays up and running, even when the unexpected happens. And we’ll still be here down the road to honor our unmatched 25 -year warranty.

  • Forward Thinking
    Energy projects are no longer a novelty. Solar panels, battery systems, electric vehicle chargers, generators and Mitsubishi ductless heating and cooling systems are all practical, dependable, and trusted technologies that will only become more commonplace in the years to come. Northwest Renewables is trained in these technologies and delivering successful projects on time and on budget day in, day out.
  • Energy Leaders

    We’re the leader in energy power design, consultation, and installation for the Inland Northwest. We’ve earned this distinction through our team’s expertise as clean energy professionals and our proven ability to successfully deliver solutions that fit our customers’ needs.

  • Flexible Financing Options

    We offer flexible financing options through our partners, Numerica Credit Union and Puget Sound Cooperative Credit Union. We also offer Northwest Renewables’ in-house financing. Qualified customers can finance their energy project no money down and 0% interest. We’ll guide you through the process and answer all of your questions along the way.

  • Unmatched Protection

    Northwest Renewables team — from our designers to our licensed electricians to our apprentices — have been highly trained by our manufacturers so that we may deliver our unsurpassed warranty of up to 25-years on parts and labor, giving you unmatched protection and confidence in your clean energy investment.

  • Independence
    Northwest Renewables provides customized energy independence you can count on. When we work on your home, business, or community project we’re giving you the freedom of always having reliable energy at your fingertips. You can eliminate the worry of increasing power rates and have the comfort of knowing you’ll have the lights on after the next storm of wildfire.
Got questions? We've got answers.
  • “We had an excellent experience with Northwest Renewables. They were responsive and answered all of our questions quickly.”

    Brendan T.
  • “The crew showed me an error made by the builder that could have caused a fire that I fixed. The project lead regularly updated me on the project timeline.”

    Jeff W.
  • “We've done a lot of home improvements over the years, and NW Renewables is hands down one of the best contractors we have ever worked with anywhere.”

    Brent C.
  • “Fast and friendly. With every contact, the people at NWR were polite and efficient.”

    Jack T.
  • “Throughout the process their expertise was invaluable and they managed the project to be as cost efficient as possible. Northwest Renewables, and their team of professionals, are truly experts in the solar installation field.”

    Melissa D.
  • “We have worked with quite a few different contractors; hands down, Northwest Renewables is the best company and crew we've ever worked with.”

    Travis M
  • “Dealing with Northwest Renewables has been a breath of fresh air, from inception to completion. Each and every employee has been a joy to work with, the quality of product and workmanship first rate, and all promises kept throughout the project.”

    Gordon L.
  • “This is a company that is knowledgeable and professional selling a product they truly believe in and stand behind.”

    Carolyn J.
  • “They offered a number of alternatives and we altered the plans multiple times. Each time they gave me a very competitive bid.”

    Justin S.
  • “Their work ethic on building our system was top notch. They did everything they said they would do and the end product is amazing.”

    Melissa F.


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