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Electric Vehicle Chargers


Premier EV Charging Station Installation for Homes & Businesses

As electric vehicles have become a common sight on the roads, electric vehicle charging stations have become a fixture of our local home, businesses and community organizations. Northwest Renewables is here to help you take part in this revolution. 

Whether you want to prepare your home for the purchase of your own electric vehicle, invest in an electrically-powered fleet for your organization, or give employees and customers a space to charge up, our trained, certified, and experienced technicians can ensure that your property has everything it needs to support all the energy-efficient electric vehicles in your life.

Optimized EV Charging Solutions for Your Electric Vehicle

Electric vehicle charging cables can’t be plugged in with normal electrical chords. If you drive a standard electric vehicle, you probably received a  charging cord  when you bought it.  Northwest Renewables is here to install the charger that that cord needs to be plugged into, and optimize the wiring and settings so you receive an optimal level 2 charge for your new EV. 

If you rely on specialized electric vehicles for your commercial needs, or if you want your property to accommodate multiple electric vehicles, Northwest Renewables is here to design and install these specialized stations to provide functional and fast EV charges.   

Choosing the Right EV Charger for Your Home

Homeowners in Spokane looking to install electric vehicle (EV) chargers have a variety of options, each with its own benefits and considerations. The three main types of EV chargers are Level 1, Level 2, and DC Fast Chargers.

  • Level 1 Chargers: These chargers can be easily plugged into a standard electrical outlet. While they are the slowest type of charger, requiring approximately 20 hours to fully charge a typical EV, their simplicity and affordability make them a viable option for homeowners who drive less frequently or for shorter distances.
  • Level 2 Chargers: More powerful than Level 1 chargers, Level 2 units require a dedicated 240V circuit, similar to what is used for an electric dryer or stove. These chargers can fully recharge most EVs in 4-6 hours, making them a popular choice for homeowners who use their EVs more regularly.
  • DC Fast Chargers: The most powerful home charging option, DC Fast Chargers can replenish an EV's battery to 80% in just 20-30 minutes. However, they require a significant electrical supply, typically beyond what a residential home can provide, and are therefore more common in commercial or public charging stations.

Each charger type has unique requirements and costs associated with installation, as well as varying charging speeds. Ultimately, the best choice for a homeowner will depend on their specific needs and circumstances. Our team will perform a thorough evaluation of your property's energy system as well as your budget and car type to ensure a high-quality experience every step of the way.

Professional EV Charger Installation Services in Spokane

Electric vehicle chargers installed at your home or business are a great resource for electric vehicles, allowing them to be recharged quickly and safely while avoiding fees of public charging stations. These chargers pull an electrical current from an outlet or grid and deliver it directly to your electric vehicle. 

You can have EV Chargers installed either inside or outside of your home; however, it is highly recommended that they be installed indoors in order to protect the charger from bad weather and debris. If you choose to install one outside, there are measures you can take in order to protect your charger from moisture and rainwater.  

The installation process usually does not take very long, but many electricians recommend having a licensed electrician do the work for you in order to ensure a safe installation. In Spokane, WA, Northwest Renewables is a great choice for electric vehicle charger installation.

Get your home or business professionally equipped to charge all kinds of electric vehicles – call Northwest Renewables in Spokane today at (509) 732-9255 for a free estimate!

Commonly Asked Questions

Are there any government incentives for installing electric car chargers in Spokane, WA?

Yes, there are incentives available for installing electric car chargers in Spokane, WA. Homeowners and businesses may be eligible for tax credits, rebates, or other financial incentives for installing electric vehicle charging stations. It's recommended to check with local and state authorities for specific incentive programs.

Can I install an electric car charger myself?

While it is possible for some individuals to install an electric car charger themselves, it is highly recommended to have a licensed electrician perform the installation. This ensures that the charger is installed safely and in compliance with local electrical codes and regulations. Northwest Renewables in Spokane offers professional installation services for electric car chargers.

Do electric car chargers come with warranties?

Many electric car chargers come with warranties provided by the manufacturer. These warranties typically cover the charger for a certain period, offering protection against defects or malfunctions. It's important to review the specific warranty terms and conditions for the electric car charger being installed to understand the extent of coverage and any limitations.

Can Northwest Renewables assist with choosing the right electric car charger for my home or business?

Yes, Northwest Renewables can provide expert guidance and assistance in choosing the right electric car charger for your home or business in Spokane, WA. Our team can perform a thorough evaluation of your property's energy system, budget, and car type to ensure that you receive a high-quality experience and an optimal charging solution.

The Costs of Driving an Electic Vehicle VS. the Costs of Gas in spokane

According to the Wall Street Journal, Electric vehicles are most cost-effective when used for short journeys, while gas-powered vehicles cost less to refuel during long trips. This comes down to the costs associated with public chargers. 

When you charge at a designated station that's been installed at your home or business, you don’t have to pay the extra fees required by public chargers, bringing your costs way down.  You also limit your maintenance and repair expenses by driving electric as there are less moving parts in and electric motor that wear out and need replacement. 

So what does this mean for you? If you’re a homeowner, it means that installing a personal EV charging station will give you a permanently-accessible refueling point with no extra fees attached and less expenses for repair. For business owners, it means that ensuring your electrically-powered vehicles have designated charging points is key to cutting down costs.

Why Invest in EV Charging Stations?

  • For Homeowners – Maximize your savings by charging your electric vehicle at home, where you won’t have to pay an extra fee just to plug in. An EV charging station can also raise your property values!
  • For Commercial Properties – Investing in electric vehicles, and electric vehicle chargers, for your company or organization can help you save on fuel and maintenance, as illustrated above. Additionally, EV charging stations are a great incentive for employees, clients, and customers to spend more time at your commercial property.

Saving money with electric vehicle charging stations for your new EV is easy – just call Northwest Renewables in Spokane at (509) 732-9255 or send us a message online today, and let us help you make the process easy!

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    We offer flexible financing options through our partners, Numerica Credit Union and Puget Sound Cooperative Credit Union. We also offer Northwest Renewables’ in-house financing. Qualified customers can finance their energy project no money down and 0% interest. We’ll guide you through the process and answer all of your questions along the way.

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    Northwest Renewables team — from our designers to our licensed electricians to our apprentices — have been highly trained by our manufacturers so that we may deliver our unsurpassed warranty of up to 25-years on parts and labor, giving you unmatched protection and confidence in your clean energy investment.

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    Northwest Renewables provides customized energy independence you can count on. When we work on your home, business, or community project we’re giving you the freedom of always having reliable energy at your fingertips. You can eliminate the worry of increasing power rates and have the comfort of knowing you’ll have the lights on after the next storm of wildfire.
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