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Five Reasons Why You Should Hire A Local Contractor For Your Energy Projects

Solar panels on a house

When you hire a local contractor, you always get more than what you bargained for

And we mean that in a good way.

Committing to a solar energy project, a heat pump, or an electric vehicle charger is a big investment and a big home improvement project. There is no reason why you should treat the process any differently than, say, remodeling your bathroom or adding a mother-in-law apartment on top of your garage.

Let’s face it, you probably wouldn’t hire a random person who knocked on your door to remodel your bathroom, so you shouldn’t buy a solar system from a door-to-door salesperson either. When you hire a local contractor like Northwest Renewables, you don’t just hire us to do a job, you hire our legacy, our deep connection to the community, and our obsession with craftsmanship.

Because we are your neighbors – we have generations of deep roots in the Spokane community – we treat you right. We answer your questions, and we don’t put any pressure on you to decide. You can take all the time you need.

Here are five reasons why you should hire a local contractor for your energy projects:

You know where we are located.

We pick up the phone when you call, and we say hello when we run into you at the store. We will always be right here in Spokane. As a matter of fact, we are expanding our location to nearby property – staying in the neighborhood where it all started but adding a new building for our crew and a better parking area for our trucks. With 37 employees, it’s time to make sure everyone has a little more elbow room. As we work together on your project, you will get to know us, and we like that. Our kids may be on the same basketball team – that’s what it means to be local.

Your investment stays right here in our community.

Local businesses are the main drivers of a strong economy. We hire people who live here, and we buy as many of our supplies and tools as we possibly can from other local businesses. Take our fleet of vehicles, for instance. We have 11 vehicles right now, and they all need service and repairs. We take them to the repair shop just down the road. That’s another example of how your money stays right here.

We know your neighborhood.

By telling us your address, we already know a lot about your property. We know if it’s on a hillside, and we know the general characteristics of when it was built and how it was built. We know the conditions of the property, such as if we must trench from one building to another, whether likely to come across many rocks or perhaps an underground spring. And we know when it’s important to call in roofing contractors, or engineers to look at a building’s structure. A national company does not have the intimate knowledge of Spokane, Pullman, Walla Walla, or Colville that we do. They are located thousands of miles away and may not even answer your phone calls and emails.

Excellent references that are easy to check.

Northwest Renewables covers a large geographical area – from North Idaho, up to the Canadian border, across to Colville, Winthrop, and Ellensburg, down to Walla Walla and the Moscow-Pullman area. But no matter where you are located within our coverage area, we are bound to have done a project close to where you live, and we can easily send you references for projects we’ve done in your area. These are real references - projects you can drive by and look at - people you can talk to.

We are obsessed with craftsmanship.

Gavin Tenold started out as a general contractor when he was just 24. He built Passive Houses – energy-neutral dwellings constructed to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer without consuming much energy. Gavin met master electrician Harlan Heise who was working on large power plant projects at the time through professional networks, and the two became partners in Northwest Renewables. The appreciation for craftsmanship and design they gained by building high performance homes that had to meet rigorous scientific standards shows in everything we do today. We use the best materials produced by a group of carefully curated businesses we trust. Our obsession with craftsmanship and quality is why we have been selected to be exclusive dealers of some of the best equipment in the industry, equipment coming with up to a 25-year warranty.

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