Going Solar in Washington and Idaho is easier and more cost effective than ever. Solar installation yields excellent solar incentives and rebates from the moment your clean energy, solar electric system goes live. Northwest Renewables offers cutting edge solar solutions and a solar installation team to walk you through the newest solar technology on the market. Northwest Renewables designs and installs solar power that converts sun into clean energy for homes and businesses. Contact us today to learn more about how the newest solar technology works.


In Washington and Idaho, energy storage technology makes renewables like solar power sustainable economic alternatives to the large carbon footprints and expenses of grid electricity. When you store power using renewables such as solar, you can store energy for days when the sun doesn’t shine enough. Solar batteries such as the Sonnen Batterie allow you to go off-grid with clean energy, or to reduce costs of on-grid electricity with your solar power. Northwest Renewables in Eastern Washington is the dream team for your residential and commercial solar power.


A perfect complement to solar power systems, high-efficiency ductless heat pumps provide precise zonal climate control and comfort not found with traditional heating and cooling systems. These include advanced filtration for superior air quality, hyper-heat technology, noise-eliminating duct-free design, and automatic temperature adjustment. Moreover, these advantages come with a 40% improvement in efficiency over traditional systems. Pairing zonal climate control with solar electric systems is better still, using sunlight to power heating and air conditioning without worries over future energy price increases.


Northwest Renewables is the Inland Northwest’s leader in solar power design, consulting and installation, as well as in zoned climate control solutions. Northwest Renewables provides grid-tied solar power systems, off-grid power systems and zonal heat pumps to lower your power costs and shrink your carbon footprint. Northwest Renewables installs battery storage systems so that solar homeowners and businesses can remain resilient with their solar power system when the grid is knocked out. Northwest Renewables also helps you navigate the many financial incentives to invest in solar power, batteries and heat pumps: incentives such as grants, low-interest loans, depreciation schedules and other ways to make your project possible.



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